Corporate Culture

KCC has a total of around1000 or above employees who are hard-working and have chose the company above any other organisation and so the company has many of its employees who have worked in the organisation since its birth.

KCC believes in the following principles:-

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Openness
  • Performance orientation
  • Responsibility & accountability
  • Mutual respect
  • Commitment

The Board of directors and management has already developed a model of governance that aligns the values and then evaluates this model periodically for its effectiveness. In particular, senior executives conduct themselves honestly and ethically, especially concerning actual or apparent conflicts of interest, and disclosure in financial reports.


  • Strict accountability and discipline from root level of employees leads the way to our success.
  • Training and development of our employees in their respective fields make them efficient and powerful.
  • Strategic policy to target domestic and International market through competitive, time bound and quality offerings only
  • Identifying well defined business verticals for our Business Value in India and Abroad
  • Dedicated Technical Team
  • Dedicated Support desk
  • Dedicated QA groups and QA lab
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Repeat Business, Long term MoUs, Satisfied customer pool
  • Better than industry standard employee retention, lots of day one employees are still working with us
  • Clearly defined staffing policies in creating value pyramid
  • Performance based remuneration


We believe…
  • … that, workforce is our strength and power.
  • … that, nurtured workforce nurture the organisation.
  • … that, things are to be done differently than doing different things.

The boards of directors, with its legal authority to hire, fire and compensate top management, safeguard the invested capital of the company. Regular board meetings are held so as to allow potential problems to be identified, discussed and avoided.

The departmental heads look into each and every matter with urgency and scrutinize the essential details. Major decisions of the company are made by the Board of Directors after a preliminary meeting with the departmental heads.

Internal auditors continuously monitor & test the design and implementation of the company's internal control procedures and the reliability of its financial reporting.

KCC also has various other external advisors, (for e.g. Tax Consultants, Financial Advisors, Companies Affair Advisor, Central Excise, Customs & Service Tax Advisor, Sales Tax Advisor, etc.) who are highly experienced and well-versed in their respective works. They look after the day-to-day affairs and have a great hand in making KCC, one of the leading business house in the present market economy.


KCC is implementing measures to improve its corporate culture by adopting the Corporate Governance policies and principles in accordance with the Corporate Laws as laid down by the Government of India.


A step by step assessment of culture following the Company’s Guidelines is always followed. We always wish to consider a more ambitious project. Ultimately the goal of our Company is to create and maintain a corporate culture that accomplishes far more than merely enhancing the effectiveness of our compliances and ethics program. In addition, we work towards building a corporate culture that is understood by all to be a strategic, business asset. It is aligned with our business priorities in such a way that it enhances success, while at the same time ensuring that business objectives are reached in a manner that is true to our values. Our culture has always been a source of passion, pride and inspiration for our employees, investors and consumers. It not only encourages moral imagination but also creative decision-making. It helps to build commitment and loyalty that is a positive stimulus for the growth and development of individuals and not just a means to keep them in check.

KCC‘s hiring practices, incentives and other human resource functions are reviewed periodically by the Board.

The Management of M/s Kalinga Commercial Organisation is headed by Mr. Soumya Ranjan Samal, Chairman & Managing Director of the. His vast experience and immaculate business acumen has helped him in writing his success story. He is assisted by the directors, Mrs. Archana Samal and Mr. Manoranjan Samal. They are associated with Mr. Samal since the inception of the concern. Moreover KCC is backed by sound and experienced manpower that are at the helm of their respective departments.

  • The production and routine work at the project sites is managed by Project Director- Mr. James Joseph. He is supported by his well equipped managers and technical heads, who have worked in illustrious companies involved in mining. So their mammoth experience and rich knowledge has enabled KCC to achieve greater heights.
  • Transportation Sector is headed by General Manager, Mr. N.N.Mohanty. Mr. Mohanty is a retired Director from the Department of Industry. His able guidance has streamlined this segment, which is considered to be a disorganized sector in today’s world.
  • The organisation is setting up its marketing division under the guidance of Mr. Sourya Ranjan Samal. The company aims to strengthen its marketing division in due course of time.
  • Our financial & accounts team is lead by General Manager, Mr. Debabrata Mohapatra.


The Company is associated with various NGOs, health programmes, donations, etc. Some of them include the following:

  1. WORLD VISION, INDIA: World Vision India is a Christian humanitarian organization working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty and injustice. World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, caste, race, ethnicity or gender. Spread across 174 locations in India, World Vision works through long-term sustainable community development programmes and immediate disaster relief assistance.
    From the year 2007, KCC is sponsoring a child named Kashmida Bagwan Shabir from Pune Area Development, for her studies and day to day living.
  2. THE LEPROSY MISSION TRUST INDIA: Since the year 2007, KCC has been associated with “The Leprosy Mission Trust India”, New Delhi-“Partnering for a World without Leprosy”. TLM is providing healing, restoration and empowerment of people affected by leprosy for the last 133 years and now KCC is also its proud partner.
  3. SOS CHILDREN’S VILLAGES INDIA: SOS Children’s Villages take action for the children as an independent non-governmental social organisation. They respect varying religions and cultures, and work in countries and communities where their mission can contribute to development. They work n the spirit of United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and they promote these rights around the world. With the SOS Children’s Village concept, their organisation pioneered a family approach to the long-term care of orphaned and abandoned children.
    KCC has extended its support and endeavor towards the SOS Children’s Village, Latur, Maharashtra and has sponsored for the child named Poonam Narendra Dongre from 2008.
  4. RAJDHANI SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF & DUMB, ORISSA: Utkal Handicapped Welfare Organisation, a state funded organisation has taken initiative to support the physically handicapped (deaf & dumb) children by providing them proper housing, fooding, schooling, and most importantly a family who can understand them and help them to reduce their disease by imparting proper training.
  5. SAI ARCHANA PRE SCHOOL FOR EARLY INTERVENTION & TRAINING, ORISSA: Utkal Handicapped Welfare Organisation, realized the need for an early intervention & training required for the physically challenged children and so with the help of KCC, it got various equipments which could help the physically challenged ( deaf & dumb) children to reduce the level of growth of their impairments.
  6. LOUIS BRAILLE SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND, ORISSA: Utkal Handicapped Welfare Organisation, a state funded organisation, has also helped the visually impaired children and has brought out numerous other talents n them and has educated them so that they can face the world with their own feet. KCC has helped the organisation by providing school dresses and fooding facilities from time to time for the children.
  7. DEVELOPMENT AND MAINTAINANCE OF PARKS & PLAYGROUNDS: KCC has developed few parks namely, “Pragyan Vihar Park”, Baramunda, Bhubaneswar, which includes pavement, lighting facilities, fountain, etc.
  8. RAWA ACADEMY, ORISSA: Rawa Academy is an organisation which helps the orphans in Orissa. It provides all facilities to them and in turn educates the children so that they can stand in their own feet like any other normal child.
    KCC is associated with the organisation since early 2008 and have helped them in their time of need by providing them fooding, etc.
  9. OTHER WORKS: KCC has also been associated with various other organizations who have been conducting HAVANS, YOGA PROGRAMMES, BLOOD DONATION CAMPS, etc. The company is always ahead in providing food and clothes to the needy and has been encouraging various upcoming media entities, be it press (newspaper) or magazines, etc.