Export Licences

Iron ore export being a restricted item requires stringent licencing for its export. Right from the beginning of the trading licence of the ores and minerals, the exporter requires IEC Code Number as well as Export Licence for particular consignment. The company is having Trading licence from Deputy Directors of Mines, under Steel and Mines Department of Govt. of Orissa. Transport licence is also required for transportation of minerals from mines site to the port of destination. The company is having an export division co-coordinating all these activities.

  • Form –D- (Form of Trading Licence) from the Offices Of Deputy Director of Mines of various circle of State for procuring & selling, storing, and export of ores and minerals.
  • Transport Licence – Form III from STA (State Transport Authority) For internal transport inside the state.
  • Certificate of Importer – Exporter Code (IEC)

Issued by Ministry of Commerce, Office of The Joint Director General of Foreign Trade, OSIC Building, Khapuria, Cuttack.

Export Duty

As per the prevailing rate of Government of INDIA,

  • Export Duty @5% FOB Value on fines
  • Export Duty @ 15% Sized ore