Kalinga Commercial Corporation Limited is Orissa’s leading integrated supply chain and logistics solutions provider and a pioneer in the sphere of cargo transportation in the state. Leveraging on its extensive infrastructure, strong foundation and skilled manpower, KCC offers seamless multimodal transportation solutions.

The company progressed from being a "One Man, One Truck, One Office" set up to becoming India's leading Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions provider. After 25 years of uninterrupted service to the nation is the proclaimed market leader of the state Logistics Industry.

KCC has an extensive network of over every district, a huge fleet of customized vehicles and managed warehouse space and a strong work force. With its customer-centric approach, world class resources, State-of-Art technology and professional management, the group follows strong corporate governance principles and is committed to value creation for its Customers and its social responsibilities.

Kalinga Commercial Corporation Limited believes in the philosophy of making life better for all. And along with the core businesses, KCC has instituted some Charitable Trusts. They are dedicated to socio-economic transformation of rural and remote areas of India, especially the weaker and socially underprivileged groups. They provide physical, social, cultural and economic development of rural people, groups and institutions.


KCC group becoming a customer oriented, multi-technology, multi-specialist transport system in the state and national markets, with a proven commitment to excellence in every facet of activity and pursuit of value based policies to satisfy aspirations of society, customers, vendors, employees and the transport industry.

During the time of scarcity and drought, flood, cyclone etc. KCC does its duty towards the society through donations and transportation of relief goods and food to the affected areas as it did in Orissa.

The details of turnover achieved during the last 3 years along with the projected turnover is described in the following chart